Dr. Timothy Fong (Full)- The Cannabyss: An In-Depth Discussion About Cannabis in 2020

Time stamps can be found below. Dr. Timothy Fong and Dr. Thomas Hughes sat down to have an open discussion about Cannabis in the United States. Topics included, but were not limited to: legalization of cannabis, stigma, medical benefits of cannabis, harmful effects of cannabis, and barriers to more research.

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*This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider that is familiar with your particular case or circumstances.*

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00:00:00- Brief Announcements
00:02:20- Welcome Message For Pro-Cannabis, Anti-Cannabis, And Cannabis-Agnostic
00:03:30- Start The Show
00:05:20- What Does An Addiction Psychiatrist Do?
00:06:10- How Dr. Fong Became Involved With The Study of Cannabis
00:08:20- Cannabis vs. Marijuana
00:10:10- The Marijuana Prohibition Act
00:12:50- What Does Cannabis Do In The Human Body?
00:18:55- Hijacking The System
00:20:00- Should Drugs Be Legal?
00:27.06- What Does Cannabis Regulation Look Like?
00:30.00- What Is The Cannabis Research Initiative? And Prop 64
00:34:50- DEA Schedule Explanation And Barriers To Research
00:40:35- Why Don’t We Know More About Cannabis?
00:47:22- Cannabis And Addiction
00:50:00- Brain Development And Cannabis
00:50:55- Potency Of Modern Cannabis
00:55:45- Brain Development And Cannabis
00:58:05- Why Is There a Demand For Cannabis?
00:59:30- Cannabis And Psychiatric Symptoms
01:04:00- Cannabis Withdrawal
01:05:00- Positives Of Cannabis Legalization
01:07:20- Big Weed
01:11:00- CBD
01:15:00- Consensus About Health Effects Of Cannabis
01:17:30- Edibles
01:22:00- Wax, Dabs
01:25:00- Where Is The Direction Of Cannabis Research Going?
01:27:00- Vaping Lung Injuries
01:29:00- Closing

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